Ryan Rogers

Bio: 3rd year PhD student in AMCS
       Co-Advised by: Dr. Michael Kearns and Dr. Aaron Roth       

Past Education:
        Cambridge University (UK)
                Clare Hall
                Part III Maths (Distinction)
        Stetson University (DeLand, FL):
                BS Mathematics (Summa Cum Laude)
                BA Religious Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
       Oxford University (UK)
                Magdalen College
                Study Abroad

Research Interests
        Algorithmic Game Theory, Differential Privacy, Mechanism Design, Numerical Analysis

        Co-wrote with Sampath Kannan, Jamie Morgenstern, and Aaron Roth: Private Pareto Optimal Exchange - Arxiv Version
        Co-wrote with Aaron Roth:  Asymptotically Truthful Equilibrium Selection in Large Congestion Games - Presented at EC 2014
        Co-wrote with Tom Vogel:   Identification of localized structure in a nonlinear damped harmonic oscillator using Hamilton’s principle
Current TA:
       Networked Life - Networked and Social Systems Engineering NETS 112
       Taught by Michael Kearns
       Other TAs for the course: Shahin Jabbari and Lili Dworkin

       My Office:  GRW 565
       Office Hours: Thursdays 11:50AM-1:20PM

Past TA

    ryrogers [at] sas [dot] upenn [dot] edu

Other Interests:
    President of SIAM student chapter at Penn
    Rowing Coach for Wharton Crew
    Rowing Experience: Oxford University (Magdalen College Boat Club), Stetson University Crew, Cambridge University (Clare Hall Boat Club),
                                        Wharton Crew, Fairmount Rowing Association