Department of Mathematics

Fall 2013 - Hans Rademacher Lectures in Mathematics

Ben J. Green

Oxford University

will speak on

Approximate algebraic structure and applications

Abstract: What should we understand by an approximate group, approximate field, or approximate polynomial? What algebraic structure can we discern in these objects, and what applications does this have? The four talks will be fairly independent, although there are connections between the topics covered.

Approximate groups and expander graphs
Monday....December 9, 2013....4:30pm....A6 DRL

Approximate polynomials and Gowers noms
Tuesday....December 10, 2013....3:00pm....A6 DRL

Linear equations in primes
Wednesday....December 11, 2013....4:30pm....A6 DRL

Algebraic structure in point-line configurations
Thursday....December 12, 2013....4:30pm....A6 DRL

Lectures will be held in the David Rittenhouse Laboratory (DRL),
S.E. corner of 33rd and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA.

Tea: 4E17 DRL at 4:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Tea on Tuesday will be served at 3:00pm in 4E17.

For further information, please call the Department of Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania - 215-898-8627.

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