Department of Mathematics

Spring 2011 - Hans Rademacher Lectures in Mathematics

Gunnar Carlsson

Department of Mathematics
Stanford University and Ayasdi Inc.

will speak on

Topology and Data

Abstract for the series: Understanding large, high-dimensional data sets of various kinds is one of the fundamental challenges facing the sciences and engineering. One approach which is currently being developed is to recognize that data sets typically are equipped with a notion of shape defined by a metric, and to adapt geometric and topological methods to describe and represent the "shape" of the data set. These lectures will describe a number of these approaches with examples.

Measuring and Representing Shape
Monday....March 21, 2011....4:30pm....A6 DRL

Persistent Homology
Tuesday....March 22, 2011....4:30pm....A6 DRL

Mapping Data
Wednesday....March 23, 2011....4:30pm....A6 DRL

Generalized Persistence and the Role of Naturality
Thursday....March 24, 2011....4:30pm....A6 DRL

Lectures will be held in the David Rittenhouse Laboratory,
S.E. corner of 33rd and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA.

Tea: 4E17 DRL at 4:00pm.

For further information, please call the Department of Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania - 215-898-8627.

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