Department of Mathematics

Fall 2008 - Hans Rademacher Lectures in Mathematics

Charles Fefferman

Department of Mathematics
Princeton University

will speak on

Extension and Interpolation of Functions

The infinite flavor
Suppose we are given a real-valued function f, defined on an (arbitrary) given subset of Rn. How can we tell whether f extends to a Cm function F on the whole Rn? If F exists, then how small can we take its Cm norm? What can we say about the derivatives of F at a given point? Can we take F to depend linearly on f?

The finite flavor (joint work with Bo'az Klartag)
Suppose we are given a real-valued function f defined on a finite set E in Rn. How can we compute a Cm function F that agrees with f on E and has Cm norm (nearly) as small as possible? How many computer operations does it take? How small is the Cm norm of such an F? What if we demand that F agree with f only approximately? What if we are allowed to delete a few points of E?

Monday....November 10, 2008.....4:00pm

Tuesday....November 11, 2008....4:00pm

Wednesday....November 12, 2008....4:00pm

Thursday....November 13, 2008....4:00pm

Lectures will be held in A6 of the David Rittenhouse Laboratory,
S.E. corner of 33rd and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA.

Tea: 4E17 DRL at 3:30pm.

For further information, please call the Department of Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania - 215-898-8627.

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